how to deliver a diagnosis

At DSDN, our goal is to provide medical providers the tools and resources needed to discuss Down syndrome in a way that is supportive and educational.  Whether you are delivering a prenatal diagnosis, discussing possible ultrasound markers or informing parents that their newborn is showing signs of Trisomy 21, we want to help ensure your patient leaves the conversation feeling informed and respected.


Additionally, we encourage all health systems to make follow up surveys a routine part of a Down syndrome diagnosis.  Please contact us for assistance in implementing your own feedback program today.


For updated information about Down syndrome, please see this fact sheet created by Massachusets General Hospital Academy .  A prenatal testing webinar for CME credit is also available.

a diagnosis can go well

We asked hundreds of parents in our groups about their diagnosis experience and what stood out to them from the conversation with their provider.  


Here are the words from practitioners to parents at the time of diagnosis as told by grateful parents.

how DSDN supports Physicians

"This weekend will change the way I counsel patients in the future." While exhibiting at ACOG District II in 2018, DSDN's Medical Outreach team met Dr. Mark Rosing an Obstetrics and Gynecology Chair with over 20 years of experience currently practicing in the Bronx.. We discussed how learning about DSDN made a profound impact on the way that he will counsel patients with a new diagnosis in the future. 

sharing the news

Utilize the following research and resources when delivering a prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

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read and share

We would love to share our brochures with you!  Click  HERE  to request brochures to be sent to your office or simply click on either brochure to download and print. 

resources we provide

  • The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation's Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis booklet, printed and distributed by Lettercase, is part of the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources at the University of Kentucky's Human Development Institute

  • "Delivering a Down Syndrome Diagnosis," a bi-fold that includes a summary of peer-reviewed best practices for clinicians delivering a prenatal diagnosis

  • "How to Deliver a Postnatal Diagnosis of Down syndrome" - A compilation of professional recommendations for delivering a birth diagnosis of Down syndrome.  View PDF Version HERE.

  • Resources from State and local Down syndrome associations and networks

prenatal screening information for conditions

Helping your patients understand testing before it is done, can be an effective way to understand your patient's values as well as educate them on potential genetic conditions.  Understanding Prenatal Screening and Testing for Chromosome Conditions, created by Lettercase, is specifically for patients who are being offered testing and want more information about the different kinds of testing and the different conditions for which they are being tested.

prenatal testing and information for Down syndrome

National Down Syndrome Congress and Global Down Syndrome Foundation have teamed up to publish the second edition of the groundbreaking Prenatal Testing & Information About Down syndrome pamphlet, available in English, Spanish and Icelandic. The second edition, created from the first national survey of pregnant women and medical professionals, is easily accessible electronically, or in print at no cost.

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