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Focus: Medical Providers

At DSDN, our goal is to provide medical providers the tools and resources needed to discuss Down syndrome in a way that is supportive and educational.  Whether you are delivering a prenatal diagnosis, discussing possible ultrasound markers or informing parents that their newborn is showing signs of Trisomy 21, we want to help ensure your patient leaves the conversation feeling informed and respected.

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Critical Connections

DSDN offers online groups for parents to connect with other parents at similar stages of the diagnosis journey.  Our trained support team hosts private, moderated groups for new and expectant parents, as well as topical subgroups. Whether seeking out local or online connections, DSDN is ready to meet them where they are and provide the resources parents need from pre-decision and beyond.

Pre-Decision Resources

With a newly confirmed or likely diagnosis often comes more questions than answers. DSDN works with these outstanding organizations that provide counseling and support for patient with a new diagnosis that would like additional support in making a decision on continuing the pregnancy.

National First Call Center

The National Parents First Call Program is a volunteer group of trained parent mentors and a genetic counselor  available 24/7 to listen, share, answer questions, and provide valuable information.  

Supporting Patients

DSDN believes that each patient deserves accurate, up to date information, support and connections when navigating a new diagnosis. in 2022, we co-founded the Down Syndrome Collaborative to best serve new and expectant parents.

National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

The mission of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) is to ensure that every child born with Down syndrome has the opportunity to grow up in a loving family.

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