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DSDN Diversity Task Force

DSDN is striving to best serve families and reach our mission to connect, inform and support new families at the time of diagnosis.  Now that we are several years into our work and have built a strong network, we have identified several groups of people that we hope to reach more in the coming years.  To best meet this goal, we would like to create a task force to open discussion and perspectives to move forward accordingly.  

Why is DSDN beginning this task force?

  • Through our online groups and retreat programming, DSDN serves about 15% of those with a new diagnosis each year. Those parents are primarily white, English-speaking women. Parents have reached out to us asking for help in building a better support system and allow them to also connect with families that they more closely relate to.  We know that there is a large group of parents that may be feeling underserved and we aim to use our resources and supports to begin bridging that gap for families.

Which parents of children with Down syndrome are DSDN focusing on with this task force?

  • Fathers 

  • Parents of Color

  • Spanish-Speaking Parents

What is our goal with this task force?

  • Our goal is to provide an ongoing opportunity for families to discuss and problem solve in an effort to best inform, connect and support all new families in the Down syndrome community.  DSDN hopes to gain better insight into extending our current programming to better reach all families. We also hope to create new programming to reach that goal based on the work of this task force of parents. 

To apply for this task force, complete this form by October 7, 2018.