Current Volunteer Positions

Fundraising Team 

DSDN is seeking out several team members to support the Fundraising Team. These are a volunteer position with a one year term.

Opportunities include:

  • Fundraiser support team

    • This volunteer will:

      • Report to the Fundraising Director

      • Be an active participant in the online 2019 DSDN Fundraiser group

      • Distribute DSDN marketing materials to fundraiser (all materials will be provided to the volunteer)

      • Other duties, as needed

      • This position will be provided with a 2019 retreat registration.

  • Auction/Swag Support

    • ​These volunteers will:

      • Report to the Auction Coordinator and Fundraising Director
      • Seek out auction items for our annual DSDN auction​
      • Seek out items to place into retreat swag bags

To apply for this position, complete the form here, by October 1, 2018.