Parent Advisory Council

I want to be a part of the DSDN community so that I can learn, advocate, and serve. I was fortunate enough to have the amazing Ds community waiting in the wings after our birth diagnosis. I want to give back that same support for any family receiving a diagnosis. I am so thankful for this opportunity! 


DSDN does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

PAC members will:

  • Participate in quarterly phone call along with DSDN board members for updates and discussion.

  • Participate in closed Facebook group for DSDN PAC, as needed.

  • Share thoughts and new parent perspectives on DSDN content and projects, as needed.

  • Serve for a year term. 

The purpose of the DSDN PAC is to have a representative group of member parents to provide input and feedback on DSDN programs and initiatives through the lens of a new parent. The group will be intentionally selected to encompass the variety of families supported by DSDN and represent our target age of support, pregnancy through age 3.

The PAC will participate in quarterly conference calls with the Executive Director and other members of the board. The PAC will also provide feedback and input, as needed, via a DSDN PAC private Facebook group. 

As with all DSDN positions, the members of the PAC will all serve as volunteers with no financial compensation. Members of the PAC will commit to serving a one year term, with a possible additional year appointment.

Our Parent Advisory Council Members

  • Heather Bedinger

  • Amanda Brunning

  • Kelli Caughman

  • Beth Crain

  • Danielle Davidson

  • Sara Davis

  • Kristina DeRobertis

  • Maureen Gladding

  • Amy Harrill



  • Chrissy Hood

  • Zachary Johannsen

  • Mary Kenion

  • Jessica Schuster

  • Mahala Turner

  • Yami Johnson-Walker

  • Nicole White

  • Jessica Wooten