I have a positive prenatal screen, now what?

We know firsthand that this positive screen for Trisomy 21, Down syndrome, likely comes as surprise. Our mission at DSDN is to provide you with information, connections and supports as you navigate the next steps.

  • Understand the results:

    • A noninvasive pregnancy test (NIPT) looks at fetal tissue that is present in the mother's blood. Examples of NIPT screens are Harmony, MaterniT21, Verifi, etc. While these tests are more accurate than previous first and second trimester screenings available, it is still only a screen.

    • To confirm any diagnosis, a karyotype may be performed prior to birth through chorionic villi sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis (amnio). A diagnosis can also be confirmed after birth through bloodwork.

  • Seek out information and resources:

    • DSDN provides private, moderated, online based support groups for those continuing a Ds pregnancy.

    • Lettercase provides a library of resources with accurate, balanced and up-to-date information for those learning about genetic conditions, including Down syndrome.

    • MDSC First Call is a first point of contact for those with a new diagnosis.  MDSC provides peer-to-peer contact for those who are undecided about next steps and looking to discuss questions, thoughts and concerns.

    • National Down Syndrome Adoption Network hosts a national database to match birth and potential adoptive parents. 

  • Talk with your medical team about next steps and create a care plan together

  • Contact a local Down syndrome organization or parent group​