Dear Genetic Counselor, You Never Told Us How Much Joy and Happiness He Would Bring

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Dear Genetic Counselor,

I will never forget the day I got the news that our son Asher would be born with Down Syndrome. The OBGYN called and told me my test results came back abnormal for Down Syndrome and that we would need to meet with you as soon as possible.

I remember feeling every emotion possible in the weeks leading up to the meeting. One minute I was heartbroken and depressed and the next I was angered and frustrated. I never really knew what to feel, because at that time , I had no idea what it all meant.

At the meeting, you asked questions about our family history and gave us information about my results. You told us about the risk Asher and I could face while I was pregnant. You told us about the health issues he could be born with or have to deal with as he grows up. You even asked if I still wanted to proceed with the pregnancy.

What you didn’t tell us was how much joy and happiness Asher would bring us and how much closer our family would be because of him.

I wish you would have focused more on the positive because that is all we see when we look at our sweet Asher. We don't see all the negative statistics you gave us or all the awful things we read about when we googled Down Syndrome the following evening.

Now don’t get me wrong, we definitely know that Asher has Down syndrome, but we also see that he has his own physical features, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and traits that make him unique. He is an individual first, just like everyone else. Down Syndrome is only a piece of who he is.

We will not write his future for him and neither will society. Although Down Syndrome is apart of Asher, it does not define him. He is so much more and we want to share his journey with the world!

I want to encourage you to join this campaign and let your doctor know how they did delivering your diagnosis story by participating in DSDN's Physician Feedback Program.

You can also connect with the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network if you have a young child or are expecting a new little one with Down syndrome for information, connections and support by clicking here. Meagan is a stay at home mom and lives in Buford, GA. She has a beautiful 8 year old daughter who loves all things fashion and cheer. She also has a 14 month old son. He is the biggest joy and happens to have Down Syndrome. Meagan volunteers with the Down Syndrome Association of Atl and the Down Syndrome Diagnostic Network. She is making it her mission to help as many new parents of babies with Down Syndrome that she can. Most days she juggles her hectic lifestyle quite well, on the other days there's always wine.You can read a different version of this post and many more of my post, by going to the MAMC website. You can also follow Asher's journey by clicking here.

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