Dear Midwife, I Remember You Being Upbeat, Positive and Reassuring

Dear Sara,

On April 5th 2013, I delivered my daughter Winnie at Group Health-Capitol Hill. Very shortly after her birth we were informed that she likely had Down syndrome, a diagnosis that was confirmed a few days later.

We spent 10 days in the Special Care Nursery, much of which was a blur of doctors and information overload. But one of the things that has stuck in my mind over the past year was a visit you paid to my husband, Sean and I one afternoon. I believe it was the same day her diagnosis was confirmed and you were the midwife on call. You came by to see how we were doing and ended up spending close to an hour talking with us. I remember you being upbeat, positive and reassuring, which was exactly what my husband and I needed at that point. You were able to shine a light down the road for us so we could see that things were going to be okay.

Throughout the past year I have met many moms who did not have anyone in their medical team that was able to reassure them or take the time to listen to their concerns. So as we approach Winnie’s first birthday, I wanted to reach out and say Thank You for providing exceptional customer service and a personal touch.

I’m happy to report that Winnie is doing remarkable and is the most engaging, funny, and loving baby I have ever met (I might be a little biased on that one). Her health has been great and she is thriving with the help of Early Intervention services. She just learned to get from her belly to sitting up and rocking on her hands and knees…so crawling can’t be far behind. She eats everything in sight (avocados and Mom’s turkey & veggie patties are her favorites). She loves music, her big brother (Finn), bathtime and peek-a-boo. While our journey into the world of Ds was unexpected, we would not change a thing and feel genuinely proud to be a part of this community.

Thank you again for the work you do and for making our journey a bit easier.


Erin Klones

Do you have a child with Down syndrome? Let your doctor know how they did delivering the diagnosis, by participating in DSDN’s Physician Feedback program.

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