Bring DSDN Home: "I can't even tell you how much it meant to us."

world down syndrome day

What does DSDN mean to me and why do I want to spread the word about it? My daughter, Maddie, is 6 months old. As a parent of a child with Down Syndrome and a social worker by occupation, I immediately turned to the internet for education on DS and support groups.

I came across DSDN and it's been an amazing journey. I have "liked" many DS awareness pages and all have been wonderful and educational, but DSDN is special. Of course we got the awesome "Rockin' It" Onesie and welcome package, which was so nice, but it was the gift we received when they learned Maddie had open heart surgery at two months of age.

It was such a scary time in our lives and DSDN sent us a hand written get well card along with a gift card. I can't even begin to tell you how much that meant to us. Yes, the gift card was nice to use on a much needed date night, but the fact that someone we didn't even know, but they still knew all too well what we were going through, wrote us a get well card, it made me cry. I knew then, that we made friends for life through DSDN...more like family.

So, thank you DSDN, I am so happy that we have you in Maddie's corner. DSDN has over 80 local partnerships where we provide our materials and resources to organizations across the country. Did you know you or your local organization can request DSDN brochures and leaflets? DSDN is happy to send you or your local org our materials to distribute to your local OB-GYN, Pediatrician, DDD provider or Therapist’s Office. Go here to request:

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