DSDN Blog Corner: A First Year in Early Intervention

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The month of July, we asked our DSDN member bloggers to tackle the topic of Early Intervention. Once a week you will see posts from our mom writer's about their experience, take-aways and thoughts on Early Intervention services with their child with Down syndrome. All opinions expressed are of the writer's When we decided to embrace Liliana's diagnosis, we started gathering as much information as we could about Down syndrome, and luckily for us; one of our friends (Nicole) works at the Early Intervention Program in Frederick County, Infants and Toddlers. We wanted to be as prepared as possible so we talked with Nicole and drafted a projected treatment timeline for the next five years of Liliana's life. This was comforting for us as it helped us set goals and gave us a blueprint of what we can work towards.

At 3 months, we had our initial assessment and Liliana began her physical therapy (PT) twice a month. It has been such a wonderful experience. Liliana’s physical therapist has worked with us since day one and is always willing to answer all our questions and provide moral support. We attribute much of Lili's success to her! Liliana is right on track with her gross motor development.

At 11 months we began occupational therapy once a month and have since increased these sessions to twice a month, in these sessions we focus on teaching Liliana how to eat independently and it has been quite a challenge. Luckily, our therapist is always willing to bring more ideas until we find what works best for Lili. The support The Early Intervention program in Frederick County has provided us has been tremendous. Our service coordinator consistently checks in with us making us feel like they are our extended family, not just a service provider.

As an additional resource, I keep by my bedside a copy of "Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome" by Patricia C Winders, PT. Another additional resource has been our Parent and Peanut class at the Frederick Gymnastics Club in Frederick. Lili gets to interact with other typical kids (she started walking without fear after a two months of being in class) and practice all the exercises from her PT, plus we get to do a PT session once a week at the gymnastics club. This has been so much fun because once they started walking, the sky is the limit!

A special thank you to the Lear Family, Infants and Toddlers in Frederick County, especially our support of therapists, play teacher,service coordinator, Frederick Gymnastics Club, the Mulherns, and Ms. Tammy for your unconditional love and support!

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