Dear Me, Everything is Going to be Okay

down syndrome dear me

Dear Me,

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Norah! Goodness are her cheeks the cutest, chubbiest little cheeks I have ever seen!

I know the pediatrician gave you some extremely unexpected news, and you're scared out of your mind right now. I know you can't even comprehend how this is possible, and feel so truly heartbroken. I also know you had a perfect picture in your mind of what your family was going to be when Norah arrived, and now you have no idea what that picture looks like anymore. All you truly want is Norah to go back in your belly, and your life to go back to 'normal'.

I want you to know that even though you're scared right now, I promise you that everything is going to be okay. Norah is your beautiful daughter, and she is going to change your heart in ways you never imagined possible. She is going to teach you a love that you never knew existed. Your life, and those that are lucky enough to have her in their lives as well, will be better because Norah is in it. You will be a better person because of Norah.

Will there be hard times? Yes, but there will be hard times with all children regardless if they have a little extra or not. There are so many resources and communities full of extraordinary people and their families that will support you along the way. The most important thing to know, you're not alone.... and it's okay to feel the different emotions, and you will continue to along this beautiful journey.

Your daughter is still just that: your daughter. She is no different than your other child, she just was born with a little extra. I promise you that you will see just how lucky you are to have been given this amazing gift. You are strong, you are tough, and you are about to go on the most beautiful journey of your life.


Bio-My daughter Norah was born in August 2015, she was our final addition to complete our family of four! We received our Down syndrome diagnosis the day after she was born. Norah ended up needing heart surgery to remove a tumor from her heart when she was 3 weeks old. Our experience receiving the diagnosis wasn't great, which didn't help us emotionally at all. - Alli Martin, Rockin' Mom This letter is part of DSDN's October Down Syndrome Awareness Month campaign. We asked our members to write a letter to themselves during the time they received the diagnosis. Do you know a parent with a child under the age of 4 who needs connections and support? Let DSDN help and get started here.

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