Dear Me- You Hit the Jackpot

Dear Me,

Breathe, take a deep breath and just breathe. Right now you're scared and worried and have no idea what to even think. That's okay. Down syndrome seems like a really frightening term right now, and I can tell you in the months to come it's not going to be that scary.

You won't believe it now, but you're going to feel like you hit the jackpot! Yes, your life is going to change, but you're going to change for the better.

Things won't always be easy. Sometimes things are going to be hard, but you'll get through it, just like you always do. The baby you're carrying is so strong--she is going to amaze you everyday. Don't let fear of the unknown make you question this child, she is a gift.

You're going to worry, you're human, but don't dwell on the fact that things aren't going as you planned. Your baby is going to show you a whole new world filled with love and patience. You're going to meet so many wonderful people because of this baby. Some of your best days are ahead of you because of this child.

Down syndrome won't hold her back from living and loving her life, it won't hold her back from loving her siblings or you. Down syndrome is a part of her and now it's going to be a part of your life. Enjoy the little things, because honestly those little things are the biggest and best things.

Take time to enjoy her and her siblings, she will make them so happy. It's okay to feel the way you are feeling, but know that it will get better. Life doesn't ever stay the same or go as planned, enjoy the journey.

Love, Me.

Bio: Sara is a 31 year old mother of three {Lola, Jackson & Charlotte who has designer genes}. Sara is in charge of running her household {also known as stay at home mom}. Sara is an advocate for people with Down syndrome.

This letter is part of DSDN's October Down Syndrome Awareness Month campaign. We asked our members to write a letter to themselves during the time they received the diagnosis. Do you know a parent with a child under the age of 4 who needs connections and support? Let DSDN help and get started here.

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