Dear Me- Choose Happiness

Dear Kristina,

I wanted to write you a note from the future. Eight months from now your life will be completely different. I know it’s hard to imagine joy in this time of sadness, but girl, JOY will return to you tenfold! You always wanted a child set apart from the norm. You wanted them to be unconventional and different. I know this is not what you envisioned for your baby, but he truly is unique. You’ll understand this within the first few weeks of his life. Down’s Syndrome doesn’t define him… it’s just a small part of him.

I know this month has been the most difficult for you. Unfortunately, you have a team of doctors who are ignorant about Down’s Syndrome and have filled you with so much fear and anxiety. You’ll soon find a completely different team of doctors who will champion your pregnancy and your son’s diagnosis. You’ll be put in contact with some local families who have children with Down’s Syndrome and you’ll see just how normal they really are. Don’t let fear keep you from meeting them. Push through and immerse yourself! The tears will fade… I promise!

I wish I could squeeze you right now and tell you to stay off Google, but we know that won’t happen… you are the research queen! Please know that there are many things you will read that will ignite the fear and anxiety within you. All children have unique needs (whether they are typical or have an extra chromosome). Your journey will be COMPLETELY different than those you read about. This is just their story. If you can take this to heart it will save you many tears and sleepless nights.

I wish you could see the baby lying next to me in bed. He’s kicking and moving all over the place. He’s fussing a little bit because I’m writing this letter instead of talking to him! He is absolutely perfect! When you look at him you will only see a beautiful baby boy and not Down’s Syndrome. Your heart will never feel so full.

I hope you read this letter and know that it will all be OK. Kick fear to the curb and don’t waste your pregnancy being sad and disappointed. It will all be worth it because this baby is seriously the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Choose Happiness,

Your Future Self

Rocco James was born on June 27, 2017 to parents Rocco and Kristina DeRobertis. He is their first child and is the perfect start to their little family. Some of Rocco's favorite things are morning snuggles, watching ceiling fans, and rolling over from his belly to back. He's always on the move and is beginning to find his voice. His parents can't wait to watch him grow!

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