Meet a Sponsor: Interview with Myriad Patient Advocacy Team

As a part of the 2019 DSDN Rockin' Mom™ Retreat sponsorship package, we are pleased to share this interview with: Myriad Women's Health

2019 DSDN Rockin' Mom Retreat sponsor

Tell us about your organization/company:

Myriad Women’s Health has a keen focus on offering high-quality genetic screening, including noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS). At our core, Myriad is made up of individuals who care about patients. Our team has countless years of experience in helping women and their families navigate through genetic screening. Our constant goal is to keep the patient front of mind and provide screening that empowers families.

Why do you think our network of families should know about your work?

Your network of families should know that Myriad shares DSDN’s mission of providing the most accurate and balanced information possible. It’s important to us that patients understand that NIPS is a screening test (as opposed to a diagnostic test). We take pride in the fact that our reports include a clear, individualized statement of the chance for a chromosome condition in the pregnancy; in fact, we were the first lab to include such information. Our reports have factual and balanced condition descriptions, as well as resources from reputable organizations, which are made available online so that each patient can see their individualized results. Every patient who has a screen performed at Myriad has the option to receive a patient education session from a board-certified genetic counselor to help them better understand their results. These sessions are also another avenue to direct patients back to their provider and to helpful resources, like DSDN, when they want more information.

Do you have any new initiatives coming up?

Yes! We strive to consistently update the resources on our website and reports that we offer to families and their providers with the goal of ensuring accuracy and providing meaningful information. The next initiative that we are most excited about is partnering with DSDN to make our reports and website even more informative for patients. We have been so impressed with DSDN's mission and are honored to be able to include DSDN in our list of resources provided to patients and their providers.

Why was it important for your organization/company to partner with DSDN this year for our event?

It’s an understatement to say that the DSDN provides tremendous support for the Down syndrome community. Myriad has learned so much from your organization on how to best serve the women and families that our noninvasive prenatal screen impacts. Many of us at Myriad have worked in direct patient care, so we truly understand the importance of the support DSDN provides to families. Supporting the Rockin’ Mom Retreat was a perfect way to show our support for all that you do for the Down syndrome community!

Jamie Kostialik, MS, CGC Program Manager, Patient Advocacy

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