When 2018 Rockin' Mom, Lauren Shelor, was pregnant, she told her brother of Forged Film Company that she wanted to tell their story in a way that offered hope to new parents receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis and preserved her heartfelt sentiments to her son. Extraordinary is the final product. Lauren shares about the video, "What he has given me is the most precious piece of art that I have ever received and I’m so humbled to be able to share it with you today."

At DSDN we believe parent stories help other parents connect and find comfort when facing a new diagnosis. While this video is sure to resonate with many, we asked Lauren to share a few more details of their story.

Why is it important for you to share your story?

It's important for me to share my story because I never want another parent to feel void of hope after receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child. There is a deep joy in this journey that can never be conveyed by the list of statistics, possible medical complications, or developmental predictions that are so often immediately given to new families. That's why I feel that it is so important for families who are actually walking this path to share our stories of hope - because the minute a new parent comes across a story like that, it changes the trajectory of things for them. It infuses a beautiful hope into a space that may be filled with uncertainty, unanswered questions, and fear. It's a really powerful thing to be able to come alongside someone and say, "I've been there. I'm here for you. There is great joy ahead.

What is your greatest wish for Sawyer?

My greatest wish for Sawyer is that he would continue to be a bright light in our community and our world, as he already is. His sweet spirit is so special and displays the love of God so beautifully. I know that there is a great purpose set forth for his life and my wish for him is that he always feels supported and empowered to accomplish that purpose.

Looking to connect with other families with a new diagnosis, join our DSDN pregnancy group or birth club here: https://www.dsdiagnosisnetwork.org/connections

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