Current Volunteer Positions

​Each year, over 100 volunteers serve our DSDN mission to connect, inform and support thousands of new families with a Down syndrome diagnosis.


Check out these current opportunities to join our team!  Deadline for applications is November 22, 2020.

Exhibit Team Member- Several positions

Time commitment varies; may include travel

Goal: Collaborate with medical providers to ensure that every family receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis or positive screen receives unbiased accurate information about Down syndrome and is offered connections to other families who have a child with Down syndrome



-Participate in training on how to communicate with medical providers

-Travel to represent DSDN 

Care Team Coordinator- 1 position

1 hour + per week


-Write and send Rockin’ Family Fund care cards (note and gift cards) to families in need

-Coordinate Birth Group/Subgroup Well-Check Liaisons

-Track number of cards sent each year

-Communicate with RFF directors when supplies are needed


Birth Group/Subgroup Well-Check Liaisons (WCL)- 10 positions

1 hour per week


-Each WCL will be assigned a birth year (may include multiple facebook groups) or Subgroup (e.g. Cancer or Infantile Spasms)

-Monitor group(s) regularly for care team needs

-Post a well-check thread on a biweekly basis in all assigned groups

-When a need is identified, communicate with parent and submit family for a RFF Care Card

  • Social Media Team

Social Media Assistant- 1 position

1-2 hours per week 


-Work with the Social Media Director to create graphics 

-Support the social media team, as needed

Content Curator- 1-3 positions

1-2 hours per week 

Responsibilities include:

-Identify and seek out content to be shared on social media and into groups


1-2 positions

1+ hour per week

Goal: To seek out and develop relationships with sponsors for our annual retreats.



-Seek out retreat sponsors

-Ensure sponsor agreements are upheld

-Collaborate with Retreat team

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides support, connection and information for new and expectant parents. DSDN is not affiliated or associated with any religious belief or political party.

Our Mission: The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) connects, supports and provides up-to-date information to families with a new Ds diagnosis. Our vision is that all families have unbiased diagnosis experiences through which they quickly know they aren’t alone.