DSDN and Changing the Face of Beauty are asking #whosnext!  Here's how you can too:


  • COPY the photo below and embed into a custom picture or print it off and hold it up in your picture.  SEE EXAMPLES BELOW!

  • Call out your favorite Retailer and tag them!  Simply copy this post and you'll have all your bases covered-  "Hey Retailer  - are you next? 

    ‪#‎whosnext‬ in 2016 to commit to including models of all abilities in their advertising? We are excited to find out! #dsdn #changingthefaceofbeauty"

  • Share your post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but don't forget to tag the retailer and use the hashtags!


DSDN supports Changing the Face of Beauty and the #whosnext campaign because we believe that the images that new and expectant parents see in media and advertising can impact their path to acceptance.  Inclusive advertising can send a message to new and expectant parents that they are not alone and give them a glimpse into the possibilities for their child's future.  

Copy & Print this picture!