Our Board of Directors:  

  • Melissa Shutwell, President

  • Jenny Di Benedetto, Vice President

  • Cathleen Small, Secretary

  • Jill Urich, Treasurer 

  • Heather Bradley

  • Becky Bausman

  • Kelli Caughman

  • Yadira Regla-Cuevas

  • Joe Scott

  • Bethany Van Delft

Our Medical Advisory Team:

  • Terri Couwenhoven, MS

  • Lauren Coyle, MD

  • Maureen Tart, MD

Additional Advisors:

  • Jillian Benfield, Social Media

  • Mardra Sikora, Blogs

  • Sheri Selph, Design

Our Operations Team:

Executive Director


Data Management

  • Jamie Erickson



  • Stacey Graves



Local Partnerships

  • Kristin Moss

  • Lauren Young


Medical Outreach

  • Jenny Di Benedetto

  • Hannah Pascucci


Retreat - Dad Event

  • Andrew Hilgart

  • Grant Restuccio


Retreat - Mom Event

  • Mandy Ramzan

  • Michelle Steffen

  • Katie Williams


Rockin' Family Fund

  • Natalie Palin

  • Trisha Romero


Social Media

  • Crystal Tillman


  • Cassie Bexten

  • Christy Cooper


Black Families Down Syndrome Network

  • Sharon Kendrick

Down Syndrome & Cancer Coalition

  • Becky Carey

  • Megan Dodd

The mission of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network is to connect, support, and provide accurate information for families with a Down syndrome diagnosis. Our vision is to ensure families have unbiased and factually accurate diagnosis experiences, every time, through which families quickly know they're not alone.


DSDN does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Read our privacy policy here: http://www.dsdiagnosisnetwork.org/#!privacy-policy/c1t2q

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The DSDN Team

The DSDN Team

Our Mission

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2018 Annual Report

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