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Rockin' Dads Support 

Welcome to the Rockin' Dad group for fathers with kids rockin' an extra chromosome! Our hope is that you will find the support from others that are on this journey too. It's a place to share with each other and offer or seek support. 

Click below to join!

If you're a Stay-at-Home Dad, be sure to check out DSDN's group specifically for you!

We have a group for dads single-parenting a child with Ds: Dads Solo Parenting Children with Down syndrome

If you're the father of a child with Down syndrome and a cancer diagnosis, we have a group for you: Cancer & Down syndrome Support for Dads

Every year we host the DSDN Rockin' Dad™ Retreat. Find more info here.

Also, check out another national group, Dads Appreciating Down syndrome (D.A.D.S.).

"Dear New Dad-

Congratulations on your new baby! I'd also like to congratulate you on becoming a member of one of the most supportive, understanding, resourceful, and caring groups on the planet--the Down syndrome community!

Right now your mind is probably overwhelmed with uncertainties, questions, and fears. Let me tell you, your fellow dads have all been there and some of us are still there. It's totally okay, we're here to help.

For me, I was angry. Why me? Why my family? That all changed on delivery day. Moments after my daughter was born, her tiny hand grabbed my index finger. At that moment all that anger disappeared and it was replaced with the truest form of love there is...the love of a father for his child. 

But I know this wasn't your plan. You had dreams of your child growing up and having a wonderful, meaningful, fulfilling life. Well, I'm here to tell you that's all still very possible and very likely. It's just the road getting there will look a little different.

Congratulations once again, new dad. I look forward to the day that you can provide encouragement to a dad who is expecting his own extra-special child!"

Dan, Abby's dad, 3 years 5 months

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