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Local Connections Matter

Whether we're building friendships, supporting businesses, or tackling community challenges, local connections are lifeblood. They weave the fabric of our neighborhoods, creating support systems, fostering shared identity, and powering impactful change. Shopping at the farmer's market, joining a book club, or volunteering at a local school - these seemingly small acts strengthen the very threads that bind us together. Local connections foster trust, amplify our voices, and fuel collaborative solutions for shared issues. It's not just about proximity; it's about forging genuine relationships, celebrating unique identities, and working hand-in-hand to build a stronger, more vibrant community, one connection at a time.

We believe that layers of support are critical for expectant and new parents of a child with Down syndrome. While DSDN serves parents around the world in our online community, we are happy to connect you with a Down syndrome organization in your local area.  Please fill out the connection form below so we can introduce you to the closest local organization near you.

Search for a local organization using one of these national Down syndrome organization tools: 

Down Syndrome Diagnosis
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