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We have compiled a variety of resources for parents to access at each stage of raising a child with Down syndrome.  

Expectant Parent Resources

Resources to help navigate a confirmed or likely Down syndrome diagnosis and pregnancy. 

New Parent Resources

Resources for parents just starting their journey raising a child with Down syndrome.

Online Resource Library

This is a go-to for all things related to raising a child with Down syndrome, based on feedback from parents. 

Back to School Resources

A curated the list of resources to help you and your child with Down syndrome prepare for the school year.  


Parent Webinar Series

Free webinars focused on topics that parents may need in the first few years raising a child with Down syndrome

AAP Health Supervision Guidelines

Guidelines for Health Supervision for children with Down syndrome. This can be a key document to review with your care team. 

World Down Syndrome Day Resources

A curated list of DSDN resources to help you prepare for World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) each March.

Down Syndrome Baby
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