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New Parent Resources

Navigating a Down syndrome diagnosis can feel isolating, but DSDN is here to bridge that gap. Join our vibrant online community, a safe space for parents to connect, share experiences, and find solace in understanding. DSDN goes beyond simply connecting - we empower you with reliable resources, support navigating early intervention options, and equip you to be your child's best advocate. 

From specialized webinars to virtual support groups, DSDN offers a hand to hold and a wealth of knowledge to guide you along this unique journey. Remember, you're not alone. Let the DSDN community be your source of strength, information, and unwavering support as you raise your incredible child with Down syndrome.

Family with Down Syndrome newborn and siblings

We believe that it is important to offer a variety of resources for parents to access at each stage of raising a child with Down syndrome.  

Find the right resources to best meet your needs: 

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