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DSDN Pregnancy Support

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the DSDN family!


Looking to connect with other expectant parents?


DSDN knows that discretion can be important in those beginning days of processing a new diagnosis, so we work extra hard to create a private, secure space for parents with a new diagnosis.

We offer a private online pregnancy support group for mothers with a confirmed or likely prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome who are choosing to continue their pregnancy. We also offer a group for dads to connect to other dads that are raising a child with Down syndrome. This group is also private and includes fathers of children of all ages.


Join DSDN's online support for parents:


Other Resources:

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More questions than answers?

The National Prenatal First Call Center offers trained parent mentors to listen, share, answer questions and provide valuable information in a confidential setting, especially for those unsure about continuing a pregnancy.

Considering adoption?


The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network was created to offer hope to expectant and birth parents who felt they would not be able to parent their child, and wanted a loving alternative – adoption.

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