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DSDN Subgroups

Parents must belong to a birth club, Dad group, Black Families or Rockin' Moms en Espanol to request to join a subgroup.


Click the links below to find and join a subgroup, scroll down for full list:

Medical Condition Groups

These groups connect parents around topics relating to different medical conditions. 

Parent & Family Identity Groups

These groups connect parents based on social identity, shared characteristics or life experiences. 

Pregnancy Group

This online group focused on support for moms with a likely or confirmed diagnosis that are continuing the pregnancy.


Not Yet Groups

These groups connect parents around specific developmental areas where the child has not yet mastered that area of development. 

School and Academic-Related Groups

These groups connect parents around topic related to school and academics.

Loss Groups

These groups are for parents who have experienced a loss. 

Other Groups

A handful of other groups that don't fit nicely into another category. 

Medical Conditions

Pregnancy Group

For Families That Experience a Loss

School & Academic-Related Groups

Not Yet Groups

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