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Black Families Support 

DSDN Support

  • Down Syndrome Beginnings: Black Families
    The intention of this group is for Black/mixed families expecting or raising a Black/mixed child with Down syndrome to connect with other families of children 0-3.

  • DSDN Online Community
    We offer online pregnancy and birth clubs, as well as 50+ additional groups to more deeply connect around specific topics

Other Support & Connections 

  • Black Down Syndrome Association Family
    (this is no
    t a DSDN-run group)
    While the DSDN Down Syndrome Beginnings group focuses on supporting expectant parents and parents of children 0-3, BDSA focuses on lifelong support
     for Black families.

"I remember being caught totally off guard... I sat in shock numb to the unknown. I may have even cried then but I can’t remember. I remember reading a message from a mother who has a baby with Down syndrome and her words to her husband were, “why not us?” Every time I questioned why this was happening to us, I would follow it up with, “why not us?” My baby is 1 and I can’t imagine her any other way nor would I want her to be any other way.


You can do this mama. Nothing in life gets easy we just have to know how to handle the harder better. It may be hard but watch how you will be blessed to handle the harder better."


Chrislyn's Rockin' Mom

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