DSDN believes that a strong support system can have a positive impact on parents raising their child- so that is why developed the first rockin' mom™ group in February of 2013. We have a deep desire to connect and support parents receiving a new Down syndrome diagnosis. Read more about our group guidelines here. We pride ourselves on offering a layer of support to parents which is a safe, respectful space to share, vent, celebrate and discuss. All of our groups are monitored and moderated to ensure for a positive experience for our group members. Thank you for joining us in our mission! 

We offer several styles of support groups:
  1. Small, private birth club groups where a rockin' mom™ can connect with other moms with children born around the same time as their child. These are focused on moms who have children under 1 year old.
  2. Larger, closed groups where parents can connect with other parents born in the same year.  Moms and dads of children of any age can join these groups.
  3. Subgroups for topical support

Are you pregnant?
We know that discretion can be important in those beginning days of processing a new diagnosis, so we work extra hard to create a private, secure space for families with a new diagnosis.  These groups do not show that you are a member of the group on your Facebook account or page. All member lists and posts are private.
Our pregnancy group is an online support network for Mothers with a prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), who are choosing to continue their pregnancy. Also open to mothers who have a high chance that their baby will be born with T21 but are not pursuing further testing. Connect with other mothers from around the world and feel supported throughout your pregnancy

Moms with children under 1
We know that discretion can be important in those beginning days of processing a new diagnosis, so we work extra hard to create a space for families with a new diagnosis.  These birth club groups are closed and do not show that you are a member of the group on your Facebook account or page. All posts are private.
Click below to request the group when your baby was born:
Dad Group
The dad group serves dads of children of any age and those that are expecting! 
Moms and Dads with children over 1

We offer closed, moderated groups for moms and dads with children of any age.  Click the link below to join your child's birth year group:

we've been there

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We want to connect you to other families in your local area.  Please fill out the connection forms below so we can find a local family or organization near you.  You can find a list of local organizations HERE.  Read about our Privacy Policy here.

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More Connections
Once you are in a birth group, find deeper connections by topic HERE
Hable Español?  
Bienvenidas al grupo de ‘Rockin' Moms' en Español. Este grupo es para madres con niños “Rocking su cromosoma extra”. Nuestro deseo es que puedas encontrar el apoyo que nosotras ya hemos encontrado en otras madres con hijos de cercana edad. Es un lugar para compartir, ofrecer y/o buscar apoyo. Para poder mantener nuestro enfoque en el apoyo a nuestros hijos, mensajes sobre competencias, distintas formas de recaudar fondo, y/o artículos de este tipo serán eliminados de la página. Este grupo esta enfocado en madres embarazadas que ya tienen diagnostico de Síndrome de Down o aquellas que tienen hijos entre las edades de 0-3 años con Síndrome de Down. Conecta AQUI
Confused? Scared? Anxious?
Have questions about Down syndrome? Need to ask questions in a non-judgmental format?  Connect with our friends at the MDSC First Call program.  This support offers accurate, up-to-date information and the opportunity to speak with a parent mentor through our Parents First Call Program. These resources and connections are free and confidential.  For immediate information and/or to speak to someone through the Parents First Call Program, please call 800-664-MDSC (6372) or e-mail the Family Support Director at scullen@mdsc.org
Other questions? Email Jen Jacob, our Executive Director at Jen@dsdiagnosisnetwork.org